TrackMan Performance Studio

TrackMan Performance Studio in Massachusetts

One of the first facilities in New England to provide TrackMan technology to its customers!

Improve your game with the golf industry’s premier training technology. TrackMan Performance Studio measures the full trajectory of any shot, providing integrated video and real-time data about your golf swing and the flight of the ball from impact to landing. Located on Boston’s North Shore, Paradise Family Golf is one of only a handful of golf training facilities in New England that have invested in this elite teaching tool.

Speed your learning curve

You and your Pro use the extensive parameters available to identify which areas of your game to focus on. The combination of personalized, shot-specific data, visual feedback, and informed instruction enables you to improve your skills and speed your learning curve. Book time with one of our TrackMan-certified pros to ramp up your game more quickly.

Improve your game in comfort

The TrackMan Performance Studios are climate-controlled, indoor spaces which are completely weather-independent for year-round comfort. No matter what outside temperatures are cool or raining, you can work on your game in privacy and comfort, to be ready for when you get out on the course. Call 978-750-4653 to reserve.

The TrackMan Performance Studios are available for rental at $30 per hour and allow you to practice using the same technology used in your lesson.

A unique aspect of the TrackMan Performance Studios at Paradise Family Golf is the indoor-outdoor capability. The front wall of the studio can be opened to the driving range, enabling you to hit from the comfort of the studio, utilize the data provided by the technology, and watch the ball flight on the range.

Once you’ve taken a lesson and your Pro has identified which areas of your game that need work, you can reserve the studio on your own for focused practice using the TrackMan technology. In addition to the two video cameras, the studio is equipped with mirrors to check your stance and swing.

As you practice, your stats and videos are uploaded to a secure location on mytrackman.com for later review or discussion with your teacher, if you wish.

The TrackMan Performance Studio is available 7 days per week, from 8 am to 9 pm. Call us at 978-750-4653 to reserve your time so you don’t miss out!