Golf Simulator

Our TrackMan Studios offer New England golfers the opportunity to enjoy golf year-round.

TrackMan technology provides our customers …

  • The opportunity to improve your game with the golf industry’s premier training technology.
  • Stunning graphics and groundbreaking golf innovation
  • Personalized data – Measure the full trajectory of any shot, providing integrated video and real-time data about your golf swing and the flight of the ball from impact to landing.
  • Visual feedback, and informed instruction
  • Two video cameras and mirrors will help you to check your stance and swing.
  • Stats and videos for later review on mytrackman.com
  • To virtually play some of the world’s most legendary and iconic courses –over 80 courses to choose from

TrackMan redefines what is possible to achieve in a simulator environment.

Danny Willett – Golf Simulator from TrackMan on Vimeo.

We have TWO State-of-the-Art Studios that offer:

  • Private indoor climate-controlled training you can use by yourself or with a small group of friends. – Year Round
  • Top of the line TrackMan technology paired with high-def TV’s and video
  • Indoor-outdoor capability – the front wall of the studio can be opened to the driving range, enabling you to hit from the comfort of the studio (weather permitting)
  • A safe environment to compete in skills challenges or just practice your game

Paradise Family Golf is one of only a handful of golf training facilities in New England that offers this elite training tool.

Pair a lesson with one of our Pros with TrackMan technology

The combination of personalized, shot-specific data, visual feedback, and informed instruction enables you to improve your skills and speed your learning curve.
Your Pro will help you identify a plan for which areas may need work and set you up with a plan.  You can reserve the studio on your own for focused practice. Book time with one of our TrackMan-certified pros today

It you think you know what simulator golf can do… Think Again!


Available 7 days per week, from 8 am to 10 pm – $40/hour (PLUS 40 Rewards Points for each hour rented).
 Call us at 978-750-4653 to reserve your time so you don’t miss out!

Join us at Paradise Family Golf, located on Boston’s North Shore.