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Family-Friendly Mini Golf Courses in Massachusetts

Paradise Mini Golf has been chosen by Boston.com
as a great place to play mini golf!!

Watch our Mini Golf video below:

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A Golf Course Like No Other

Take your family on an enjoyable outing to our tropical themed style mini-golf course at Paradise Family Golf. Apart from our driving range and indoor golf simulator for serious golfers, we have a family-friendly, mini golf course in Middleton, Massachusetts for some nice, wholesome fun.

We designed our mini golf course in a way that guests will be able to mingle, enjoy the outdoors.

Here you’ll find a tropical-themed golf course with green turf, lots of trees and shaded areas, flowering shrubs, and one feisty parrot and koi pond. After your game, you and your party can cool down with a scoop of our famous specialty ice cream, by treadwells, Richie’s Slush, in addition to soft serve ice cream.

Paradise Family Golf provides a cozy and relaxing setting that takes you out of the busy environment of the greater Boston area, set back off a busy road in Middleton, Massachusetts.

Mini Golf: A Game for All

Enjoy quality bonding time with your family or friends by taking them out to play mini golf in Middleton. It’s the perfect activity when you have young children and adults in your group. The game is simple enough for the kids to understand the basics, plus it makes them feel like they’re playing with the grown-ups. Mini golf’s difficulty level is also challenging enough to engage and challenge adults.

Conquer Our Challenging Layout

As pretty as our miniature golf course looks, it also hides a couple of challenging areas that can add excitement to your casual game.

Earn bragging rights as you putt over these obstacles:

  • Water fountains
  • Rocks and hedges
  • Sloped and curved turfs
  • A 35-foot tree house hole
  • A mini, flowing river that takes your ball downstream

Prove your skill or simply have fun — you can do both at Paradise Family Golf.

Keeping Score Made Easy

We no longer be offer paper score cards; it can be done through an app on your smartphone.
We recommend that you  download the scorecard app prior to your arrival:. It is available for both Apple and Android users in your app store:  MyMiniGolfScorecard PRO.  Once you arrive you pay for your group and will be provided with a barcode that you scan, and then let the fun begin.

Win Exciting Prizes

Of course, a reward waits for guests who hit a hole-in-one. So, aim for our 18th hole!

We offer a free game to the winners, while the rest can expect some sassy words from our resident parrot. .

With all these attractions, even non-golfers, regardless of their age, can have a great time while out in the course.

Come to Paradise Family Golf, and take your family and friends with you.

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